Male grooming

For a long time, taking care about the condition of hands and feet for men is not a nonsense. Treat yourself with manicure and pedicure by taking a convenient position that promotes relaxation and comfortable perception. Your hands and feet will feel gratitude immediately after the first procedure, which combines removal of rough skin and cuticle, finalised by cleaning the nail plate and hand massage.

Our specialists also pay attention to the condition of Your skin and, if you have wounds or inflammation, we help to reduce soreness and speed up the recovery process. In case of an acute pain, they do not even make additional touches rather keeping a distance from the wound and the place of damage. For safety reasons, we use disinfectants and antibacterial materials, soft creams and lotions that accelerate healing. In any non-standard case, there is an individual approach to solve the problem based on the condition of the skin, nails and the characteristics of the body.

Men's manicure and pedicure at Phenomenails is grooming of feet, nails and fingers, which is an absolute must have for every man.

Without any doubts, there is a right to choose the final stage of processing, i.e. natural shine of a nail plate or matte/gloss polish of the nails.