Services Price
Full pedicure from 2000 ₽
Classic pedicure (with soaking) from 1000 ₽
European pedicure (without soaking) from 1400 ₽
Machinery pedicure from 1700 ₽
Combined pedicure from 1650 ₽
Gel polish from 700 ₽
Toes cleansing from 1000 ₽
Feet cleansing from 700 ₽
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Treat yourself with luxury manicure and pedicure at Phenomenails studio. Our nail specialists will add elegance to your hands.

We use modern standards of work with the skin of hands and feet. Your safety is the first priority for us! After each client, all tools are disinfected and sterilised! The craft package with manicure and pedicure instruments is opened in front of you.

Water free pedicure helps to get rid the cuticle on Your feet from unwanted contact with chemicals. This helps to avoid dry skin and damage of the nail plate. Hardware processing of cuticle allows not only performing the procedure without soaking, but also to achieve a perfect result and cleanliness of cuticle and the entire nail plate itself. Then, if necessary, professional treatment of the toes is carried out with special nail tweezers or scissors for the most prominent parts of the skin. Next level is to polish the nails, moisture and strengthen with highly-vitamin oil as well as to soften the side rollers. We also take care of the condition of skin on Your feet and maintain its natural balance by eliminating eratinization on the heels and interdigital zones, helping the epidermis, the upper layer of the skin, to perform its protective function. In addition, our nail service specialists pay attention to ingrown nails, corners and calluses, so that Your fingers do not feel any discomfort and pain in the legs. Using professional tools in podology industry, we achieve a healthy condition of Your feet that attract with their elegance.

Your nails will be covered with Your favourite colour, its combination or French manicure. Alternatively, art design can be done. If you prefer a simple shine or gloss, you will be offered a colourless glossy or matte finish. But first, we will help you to relax and feel real pleasure with a professional feet massage.

Gel polish will give your nails a special shine and long lasting coverage for more than three weeks.

To book an appointment, click on the button Book online above and do not miss your chance to get luxury nails at a lower price!